What is the best way to keep people from interacting? Simply, build a wall. Similar to the Berlin Wall and the Great Wall of China, walls inside your home prevent people from being together. They are put there as a separation, to block out something unwanted, or create separated gathering areas. Of course walls are great if you want privacy in a bedroom or bathroom, but not necessarily needed or ideal in common areas where families and friends come together to bond.

Breaking down the barriers in your home will allow for an easier flow of communication, as well as provide a more open space. For example, mom is cooking dinner in the kitchen, the kids are doing homework in the dining room and dad is sitting on the couch watching his favorite sports team, all in separate rooms. This makes it impossible for the family to be together throughout the busy night. If those walls in between them didn’t exist, the whole family could discuss their day and the kids could easily ask for help with their homework.

Something as simple as knocking down a non-structural wall or removing a doorway can help establish the sense of flow that your home is missing, and allow it to feel roomier and less cluttered. Another amazing benefit when those walls are torn down is the natural lighting can finally shine in throughout the entire home.

It’s time to open up your mind to a new, open floor plan! In the process of listening to our clients, we have found creative ways of making your home feel more open and conducive for your family or life style. By eliminating walls and opening up more space, we can bring your family together, while maintaining the integrity of your home. Let our team of highly trained professionals make your home the best that it can be. Tear down the walls and allow your dream home to take form.

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