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You have heard the expression, bringing the outside in. Green Mountain Builders’ award-winning remodeling team did just that with this second-floor dated condominium in Estero, Florida. Built during the Tuscan-style decade, the condo needed an extensive remodel. Transforming a dark residence into a contemporary masterpiece started by bringing the lanai into the living space, with spectacular floor to ceiling windows. Now a feature of the air-conditioned space, it can be used year-round, and is aesthetically beautiful, while adding a tremendous amount of natural light. It made an open floor plan, every more open and provides additional sitting areas to the great room, kitchen and dining room space.

Screen Shot 2021-12-29 at 4.21.52 PM.png
Estero, Florida
Screen Shot 2021-12-29 at 4.21.29 PM.png
Estero, Florida
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Estero, Florida
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Estero, Florida

"We began our renovation project by visiting with friends who had already trod the "renovation" path, asking for their input as to the process itself, the firms involved, and seeking to ascertain "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly" of their experiences. It was a helpful start, which enabled us to pick an initial group of contractors to interview.

Green Mountain was one of the first to come over, with the Owner/President personally involved. We had been further fortunate to view a completed renovation in our neighborhood by Green Mountain which was quite similar to what we were looking to achieve. And, in the end analysis, we selected Green Mountain for the following reasons:

- They were responsive

- OrganizedListened and responded to our ideas and thoughts

- Put together a great pre-project meeting at our condo of all the potential subcontractors to verify: scope, involvement and pricing

- Established and laid out a game plan (modifiable) for our projectIncorporated an Interior Decorator into the plan/cost who worked very well    with us and who provided great ideas.

- As the project proceeded, we had both an on-site supervisor and a Project Manager who kept us informed/updated.


Changes are inevitable, and Green Mountain worked with us to incorporate those and to keep the project moving along, despite Covid-19 and supply chain challenges. They brought in folks who were obviously experienced and proficient in their areas, and the results are what we had hoped for/expected! Having the decorator work with us was also a huge positive, as her eye for color, sizing and space utilization were all invaluable!  And, if anything seemed different than our expectations, was overlooked or needed touch-up, Green Mountain responded quickly and professionally in all instances.We couldn't be more pleased with the project outcome than we are! We would be remiss if we did not add a word or two of realism to the aspect of any major project. Renovations are not to be done without a lot of forethought and planning, which I believe we did. However, there will always be the unexpected . . . no matter how diligently one plans.  But it's the end result that matters!"

- Kim and Sandi Wahtera

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