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See What's Hot in Design Trends for 2013

Meet Our Two In-House Designers

Brittany Miller
Daniela Noble

Double Islands

  • Larger kitchens, open floor plans . . . double islands fill the space nicely.

  • Provide separate prep space and entertaining space.

  • It's an added luxury.

  • Second island equals the area for guests to gather without having them stuck at the table.

Color in the Kitchen (Two-Tone Kitchens + Colorful Kitchen Islands)

  • Provides a pop of color.

  • Creates visual interest.

  • Helps anchor the space and provides balance in a more neutral or light kitchen.

  • Creates contrast and makes an impact.

Second Kitchens (AKA Sculleries or Service Kitchens or Butlers Pantries)

  • Secondary kitchen spaces are areas where you can add some character or an extra pop design wise.

  • It’s a place for all your extra appliances like warming drawers or secondary appliances or fridge/dishwasher drawers etc.

  • It’s a space to do some serious prepping and still keep your main kitchen nice and clean for both every day and when entertaining.

Extending the Kitchen to Incorporate the Living

  • Incorporates elements of your living space into the kitchen to create a seamless transition.

  • Adds extra areas to provide more functionality to your kitchen—studying, working from home, quality time with the family—the kitchen can be used for more than just cooking and eating.


  • Stains, paints, refurbished, grainy, etc. Bringing in organic and natural wood elements is always in style and something that will never fade with time.

  • Adding wood to your kitchen doesn’t mean it will look dated or rustic. In any style, aesthetic wood can be incorporated to help achieve your desired look. 

  • Wood isn’t just for cabinetry. Wood elements can add to your kitchen in the way of lighting fixtures, accent walls, ceiling details, countertops, furniture, and accessories.


  • Dramatic, Luxe, Chic, Livable, Inviting . . . all these are now associated with black kitchens.

  • To achieve this look doesn’t mean you have to have your entire kitchen filled with black cabinetry. Add the color to the ceiling, the walls, in your appliances, your plumbing fixtures, furniture, just the island, your countertops—whether it’s an accent, a pop of color carried throughout the entire room, or with a bold statement without diving in first head deep.

  • Black in the kitchen coordinates with everything, pops of color, all metallic finishes, and any design style.

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