I would recommend Tony Persichilli owner of Green Mountain Renovations to homeowners considering make alterations to their home.  We had some renovation work in our master bathroom which included: new cabinets; replacing all the tile; a new tile shower sub floor; a new clear glass shower he recommended to enhance the view of the tile pattern redesign on a wall; and reconstructed the walls with mold resistant concrete sheet rock as a moisture barrier behind the cabinets and throughout the shower walls. 

Tony helps the homeowner with his experience to help you redesign to enhance the appearance of your and technically provide the best materials for the construction. Most importantly for the home owner, Green Mountain Renovations guarantees and follows through with a high level of quality construction on site supervision. I can attest that Tony Persichilli met and exceeded his contractual agreement to produce an end product for us. We would recommend Green Mountain Renovations to interested home owners.

Frank & Margaret R.

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