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During the seasonal months of Southwest Florida, Green Mountain Builders publishes a monthly newsletter that provides important information and current news about GMB that is helpful to all Lee and Collier County residents. 

The newsletters feature a Home of the Month, Designer Tips, Designer Trends, team member profiles, recipes and other business and personal information about Green Mountain Builders and its owner, Tony Persichilli.

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November 2022 news and helpful information from your friends at Green Mountain Builders.
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February 2022 news and helpful information from your friends at Green Mountain Builders.
January 2022 news and helpful information from your friends at Green Mountain Builders.
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Screen Shot 2020-09-12 at 10.53.34
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"Green Mountain, headed by Tony Persichilli, remodeled both the inside of our home as well as the entire lanai area. They did a fabulous job on both. Tony and his team were most helpful in coming up with ideas for us to consider which made our home even more special. One of the best parts of working with Green Mountain is that the team stays with you long after the project is completed, because no matter how well the job is done, there is always something that comes up later. The team is right there to take care of it. We recommend them highly!"

- Susan and Terry Mulligan, Bonita Bay, Bonita Springs, Florida

Our Award-Winning 2023 Lineup

Tony Persichilli, COO

Chairman of the Board

Rob Gislason


Wes Horth



David Brogdon

Operations Director

Bill Colborn

Sr. Construction Mgr.

Angel Griffey

Purchasing Manager

Robert Persichilli

Quality Control

Alicia Persichilli


Paul Hollenback

Construction Manager

Dave Houseman

Quality  Control

Emily Horth


Liam Kelly

Special Projects

Bio Pic.jpg

Brittany Miller


Daniela Noble


Craig Connor

Client Rep/Estimating

Doug Fox

Construction Supervisor

Denisse Bueno

Purchasing Administrator

Kenneth Burke

CAD Tech

Karen Norton


Tyler Campbell

Client Rep/Estimating

Tina Orsino

Purchasing Administrator


* Chuck Linker - Project Manager

* Ashley Martin - Project Manager

* Nelson Marteny - Staff Acountant

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