You don’t want to worry about your Florida home while you are enjoying the summer months up north. Below are a couple of tips to help protect your property while you are away.

Have Someone Looking Out for You

Home watch services. Hire a professional home-watch service – a licensed and insured company to inspect your home on a weekly basis. These professionals inspect your tome to catch problems before they cost you money and aggravation.

Keepin’ It Dry

Water. Turn off the water at your main shutoff outside the home. Open a hose bib to drain as much water as possible from the system. Be sure to unplug your hot water heater. If it runs dry, you could burn out an element. If you have a pool, install a hose bib in front of the shutoff, so that the pool water level can be maintained. To avoid an unfortunate accident, put a note on the toilet explaining that the water is shut off for visitors.

Thermidistat. Your air conditioner is the only source you have to take humidity out of your home. A thermidistat is a cross between a humdistat and thermostat.  It controls the HVAC system by temperature and humidity levels. To avoid mold growth, it is recommended that the indoor temperature does not exceed 80 degrees and the indoor humidity is never above 60 percent. Most customers prefer 78 degrees and 55 percent.

Wi-Fi thermostats. Control the temperature from your phone from anywhere in the world. Reset your thermostat after your guests leave. Even better, if they are staying too long, turn the temperature up to 90 degrees in August.

Service it. Be sure your HVAC system is in top shape. Change the filters and have it serviced before you leave. You might want to think about a service plan.

Make It Secure

Security systems can do a lot more than just sound an alarm.

Remote access. Anyone who has permission to enter your house can have a unique code. From you phone or tablet, you can tell who is coming and going and how long they stayed. You can also disable their code if you do not want to allow them access any longer.

Cameras. For less than $1,000, you can install cameras inside your home; see what is happening at all times.

Keep It Full

Pool auto fill. An auto fill will keep the water at the right level while you are gone.


Green Mountain can help out with many of these projects.  Some of these items we do not offer, however, we will be happy to refer one of our preferred vendors.

Have a great summer. We will see you in the fall!