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People come from around the world to enjoy Southwest Florida's climate and way of life. For those lucky few who build homes in the area, you want to take advantage of the weather and give the sense that you’re bringing the outdoors into your home. Outdoor living spaces are taking on a whole new feel. Here are some of the latest trends in outdoor living. Over the years, we have seen a trend in clients opting for marble decks instead of brick or travertine. Although both travertine and marble are beautiful stones, marble has less voids, which adds a modern touch to your outdoor living space. An added feature of using marble as opposed to travertine is that marble can be installed on a mud bed with the joints grouted. This application allows the deck material to have a similar appearance to the inside of your home, creating a modern flow to the entire space. Nothing is more pleasing than the sound of trickling water with the addition of a comforting fireplace to keep you warm on colder nights. Adding a unique fire and water feature enhances the outdoor living experience, which is essential when you're spending time entertaining on your lanai. Our premium pool finishes create a unique, natural look to your pool. Glass bead finishes will add a spectacular glow at night and dark finishes mimic a natural pond look. Speaking of entertaining, you’ll also want enhanced outdoor kitchens, which offer commercial grade grills, refrigerators, ice makers and additional storage. Wood ceilings can add a rich touch, making the outdoor feel as special as the interior of your home. Many homes in Southwest Florida are built with spectacular views of a preserve, golf course or lake. Why block the view with an aluminum enclosure? By having 'view windows' you can replace the vertical supports with a horizontal beam. To get the most cost-effective enjoyment from your new enclosure, be sure to ask about stainless steel fasteners. These will prevent you from having rusty screws that detract from your new screen enclosure. Also, ask your builder about super screen, which is stronger than conventional screening. Let us know if you’d like to add any of these features and trends to your home! Call us today for a free consultation, (239) 466-1801.

Why We’re Born to Build

You’ve trusted us for years to build and remodel your homes and we are continually grateful for that trust in our vision and in the quality of work we produce. Tony Persichilli, owner of Green Mountain Builders, has operated the mid-size construction company specializing in high-end remodels, single-family semi-custom homes and luxury estates for more than seven years. With more than 27 years of experience building homes in Southwest Florida, Tony is a licensed Florida Building Contractor and has been the qualifying agent for more than 2,500 homes. However, its Tony’s passion for building and construction that sets his work apart. This passion began when he was just a child, as he was born into a building family. Mr. Persichilli (the senior) was an Italian immigrant who specialized in custom building on Long Island. Some of Tony’s earliest memories were walking on construction jobsites with his dad. During the summer, when most of his friends were spending time at the beach and working on their tans, Tony was working alongside his dad learning the ins and outs of building. “We would always talk about building and development at the kitchen table,” stated Tony. “From the beginning, my father had very specific principles that he instilled in me.” These principles still guide Green Mountain Builders today. They include: Quality speaks for itself. There are no short cuts. Continue to learn everything you can and work hard. In order to get new clients you need to take care of your current and past ones Tony’s commitment to these principles is evident in everything the company stands for and the construction projects they undertake. Green Mountain Builders is a referral-based company and we strive to exceed each and every one of our customer’s expectations. We were born to build.

Walls, Who Needs Them?

What is the best way to keep people from interacting? Simply, build a wall. Similar to the Berlin Wall and the Great Wall of China, walls inside your home prevent people from being together. They are put there as a separation, to block out something unwanted, or create separated gathering areas. Of course walls are great if you want privacy in a bedroom or bathroom, but not necessarily needed or ideal in common areas where families and friends come together to bond. Breaking down the barriers in your home will allow for an easier flow of communication, as well as provide a more open space. For example, mom is cooking dinner in the kitchen, the kids are doing homework in the dining room and dad is sitting on the couch watching his favorite sports team, all in separate rooms. This makes it impossible for the family to be together throughout the busy night. If those walls in between them didn’t exist, the whole family could discuss their day and the kids could easily ask for help with their homework. Something as simple as knocking down a non-structural wall or removing a doorway can help establish the sense of flow that your home is missing, and allow it to feel roomier and less cluttered. Another amazing benefit when those walls are torn down is the natural lighting can finally shine in throughout the entire home. It’s time to open up your mind to a new, open floor plan! In the process of listening to our clients, we have found creative ways of making your home feel more open and conducive for your family or life style. By eliminating walls and opening up more space, we can bring your family together, while maintaining the integrity of your home. Let our team of highly trained professionals make your home the best that it can be. Tear down the walls and allow your dream home to take form. Gather ideas or get inspired for your next home project in our photo album or schedule a complimentary design review.    

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Not the Brightest Bulb?

When was the last time you thought about light bulbs? If you are like most people, then you only think about them when they are in need of replacing. Lighting has not traditionally received the proper attention it deserves. Having a proper lighting technique is an important part in making a home more inviting. In Southwest Florida, the primary source of lighting is being seen in recessed cans. This type of lighting, also know as a down light, is installed into a hollow hole in the ceiling. With the increase in home ceiling heights, this lighting has become more difficult to install and properly maintain. There are three reasonable options when it comes to choosing a style of light best fit for your home and style: 1. Incandescent: This is the most popular type of lighting, since it’s usually the least expensive option. An issue with incandescent lighting is its high energy level, therefor burning out faster and giving off poor light quality. 2. Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFL): Recently, there has been significant development in this type of bulb. They are energy efficient, produce less heat, are available in various temperatures, and last much longer compared to incandescent. 3. LED Bulbs: LED bulbs offer superior quality lighting. They can last up to eight times longer than CFL bulbs, create little heat, and are offered in a variety of temperatures. Using recessed cans in tall ceilings are not an issue with this bulb, as the light does not dissipate. LED lighting also presents your granite counter tops and glass tiles with shine. An added bonus, studies show that just one LED bulb will prevent about a half ton of greenhouse gasses over its lifespan. The initial price of this bulb is the highest of the three, however uses less electricity and will shine much longer. Lighting temperatures are used to describe the color of light that your bulb gives off. This color ranges from warm to cool, or also yellow to blue. Lighting quality is measured in degrees of Kelvin. The typical range for a residential home is between 3000K to 5000K. 2500K – 3000K: Soft White is a pleasing light with a yellow tint, and slightly distorts natural color. 4000K: Warm White is a warm lighting source that allows trues colors to be shown. 5000K: Daylight is a bright white color, excellent for retail locations. How do you select the lighting that is right for your home? Most Green Mountain customers prefer the quality of light produced by 4000K bulbs, providing the most natural white lighting in your dream home. Not all lighting temperatures are available at your local store, so we recommend going online to 1000bulbs.com and ordering one of each temperature to test them out. You will never think of lighting the same way ever again, so we invite questions and feedback on our Facebook page.

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There’s No Place Like Home – Part II

If you’re just tuning in to our blog, today’s entry is a continuance from our last entry on January 16. We’ll catch you up to speed if you missed it. We’re giving homeowners insider tips on how to plan a remodeling project, starting from their vision to selecting a contractor and working with them to make your vision a reality. We left off with an introduction to pricing and budget, two very important pieces of the puzzle… As we previously mentioned, you get what you pay for. Luckily, here at Green Mountain Builders, we provide a line item budget that will keep you on target with no surprises. From inception of ideas and selection of products through installation and finish, we are there for you. We have an in-house design consultant who will ask questions and help you to make choices for your individual style. Green Mountain is available when you need them. We will work with you to design exactly what you desire prior to construction. Changes after the start date can add time and expense. Our professional work staff is there for you in this situation as well - always prompt and courteous. During the construction phase, schedule periodic meetings with your builder. Green Mountain has four planned meetings: preconstruction, pre-drywall, cabinet installation and final walk-through. Make a list prior to these meetings to discuss with the contractor. Please understand that there are a many variables in remodeling. Green Mountain does its best due diligence to avoid surprises; however, sometimes there are unavoidable construction issues that may be uncovered along the way. These items may affect the design, budget or completion schedule. The key is to identify these items early and address them quickly. We work with the homeowner to provide the necessary craftsmanship to complete a professional and satisfying product that will provide you with years of enjoyment. Building or remodeling a home can be an exciting experience. It will make the house that you live in become the home that you imagined. Remodeling will not only increase the resale value of your home but your home will be up-to-date and modernized. When choosing a builder, consider Green Mountain Builders. Our 93% referral rate is a reflection of our customers’ overwhelming satisfaction. We will make you feel like ‘there is no place like home.’

There’s No Place Like Home – Part I

  Whether building a new home or renovating your existing home, Green Mountain Builders prides itself on connecting with each client by incorporating your ideas into the project, and providing expertise, man-power and inspiration to create your dream home. Tony Persichilli, owner/operator of Green Mountain Builders has been building and remodeling homes in SW Florida for over 27 years. Tony provides hands-on care throughout the entire building/renovation project. He is conscientious and knowledgeable with regard to all aspects of home building. So how do you turn your dream into a reality? A great deal of thought and planning is necessary before you decide to build or remodel, and choosing the right contractor is paramount in this decision-making process. You will be spending quite a bit of time with your contractor, so look for someone you can get along with and will share your vision for your project, and provide you with a wide selection of choices. Green Mountain utilizes many different trade partners, thus enabling us to design a home that meets your needs, your tastes and your budget. Some contractors offer a “one-stop” showroom. This limits your choices and affects the quality of selection from cabinetry to countertops and flooring. While the “one-stop” may be ideal for some individuals, we at Green Mountain believe that a variety of choices allows the homeowner to individualize their home and make it uniquely their own. You are a big part of the process so it is important to put a plan together prior to meeting with a potential contractor. Look at magazines, the internet, and model homes to help with your inspiration. Houzz.com has an abundance of photos and information when it comes to designing and decorating a home. Try to be as prepared as possible. Once you identify your contractor, obtain referrals from someone you trust (friends, your real estate agent, co-workers) who is familiar with the contractor. Not all builders are the same. Ask the contractor poignant questions. What is his warranty on the workmanship? Will he provide a budget and construction schedule for the job? Will he obtain and incur the cost of the necessary permits and inspections? Have they completed work similar to yours, and can you see some their work? Can they provide references? Ask the homeowners how they related to the contractor. Check the Internet for ratings and reviews to see if most customers shared the same experience with the builder. One of the most important considerations is integrity. What happens when there is an issue that may arise? Will your contractor alert you to the problem, or just try to fix it without your knowledge. Remember, the least expensive contractor is not always the best choice; in other words, you get what you pay for! Read more about what to look for in a contractor in our next blog, coming soon!  

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Your Dream, Our Expertise, an Exceptional Home

Are you planning to renovate your home, but aren’t sure where to start? We all let our imaginations wander from time to time, picturing a breathtaking house from a spacious kitchen to a one-of-a-kind luxurious bathroom that we could call our own. Believe it or not, this vision can be much more than a fantasy with the right resources and strategy. Don’t sell your ideal home short, with Green Mountain Builders and our compilation of experience and expertise we strive to fulfill the vision of our client. My name is Tony Persichilli, and on behalf of Green Mountain Builders, I’m excited to introduce our brand new blog, in which I’ll be sharing tips and ideas that will benefit anyone interested in building or remodeling their home. I’ll also help guide you through the renovation process, from your first thoughts to the finishing touches on your new living room, patio, kitchen or entire custom-built home. For the past 30 years I have been in the business of construction and homebuilding, specializing in high-end homes. During this time, I’ve worked on over 2,500 residential units with three national builders in the Fort Myers/Naples area. The mission of Green Mountain Builders is to form collaboration with our clients to develop unique, high-quality homes that exceed their expectations and surpass industry standards. Hand in hand with our mission, we would like to inspire new ideas for anyone interested in developing any kind of residential and commercial service ranging from renovations and redesigns to whole home makeovers. It is our hope to make the entire process from the initial thought to the final outcome run as smoothly and as flawless as possible. Some of my fondest memories are created within my home, and I hope to create houses in which our clients can create worthwhile memories and call home as well. Enjoy our blog as we write about tips, ideas, and fun facts about all things home-related. You can also find more by signing up for our newsletter and connecting with us on Facebook, Houzz and Google+!

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